Dental Insurance

Is dental insurance worth the premium? This is a question that often comes up when working with clients.   The answer will all depend on who you talk with. Dental Insurance will vary in premium depending on the plan, the maximum the insurance company will pay out on your behalf, and the coverage offered. If you […]

Perfect Moments

Meeting with clients that have life threatening illnesses and injuries that take them out of commission for months or even years at a time can be one of the most humbling experiences of my career. Watching a client speak about the loss of their spouse or child with tears rolling down their cheeks can bring […]

The ABC’s of Medicare

Chances are if you are on Medicare or will soon be eligible for Medicare, you will feel that you have to learn your ABC’s all over again. That’s because: Part A is for hospital expenses. Part B is for physician expenses. Part C is for Medicare Advantage plans. Part D is for Medicare Prescription Drug […]


Each of us will have a different definition of success and the definition will change as we go through life’s different stages. For instance, when my children were babies, success meant being able to take a shower. As they became toddlers, success meant being able to take a shower without being interrupted. As they started […]

2018 Circle of Champions

Open Enrollment is now over for individuals and families wanting a health insurance plan.    Unless you qualify for a special enrollment period such as moving out of state or losing employer coverage, Open Enrollment is the only time of the year that you are able to enroll into a plan. Open Enrollment began on […]

My Cup Overflows

While looking at some recent Instagram posts, there was one that really caught my eye.   While the exact wording escapes me, it went something like this: If I am holding a cup of coffee and someone bumps into me, what exactly happens? If you thought the answer is that coffee will spill out, you would […]

Preferred Pharmacies

While running errands earlier this year, a sign on a local drug store caught my attention. The sign read, “We take all Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.” In theory, they are correct.    In reality, though, they may take all Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, however, the co-pays you as a consumer pay will be far more […]

Leaving a Legacy

In November of 2003, my family’s life changed in a split second.   While working at an automotive shop, my husband suffered a head injury when an exhaust component landed on the back of his head.   While the injury left him in chronic pain and without the ability to work for three years, it […]

Making Dreams Come True

When you first hear the word, “Insurance”, I can rest assured that the first thought that comes to your mind will not be “Dream Protector”.  It is my hope to share with you some examples of why this is what comes to my mind as well as several of my clients. Before we get to […]

Short Term Medical Insurance

During this past Open Enrollment Period, it was painfully obvious to me that some individuals and families just couldn’t afford a health plan.    Their income was high enough not to qualify for a subsidy, yet at the same time, they found it difficult to enroll into a plan that was going to cost them […]

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