Perfect Moments

Meeting with clients that have life threatening illnesses and injuries that take them out of commission for months or even years at a time can be one of the most humbling experiences of my career.

Watching a client speak about the loss of their spouse or child with tears rolling down their cheeks can bring me to my knees in an instant.

One of the most amazing characteristics that I often notice of anyone going through trying times is their ability to be grateful.   They take a hard situation and take notice of everything that is good in their life.

They rejoice when someone they love walks for the first time after an accident.

Their smile lights up a room when they do something as simple as washing the dishes, laundry, or even making a bed.

They go for a walk and start to notice little things that aren’t so little.    They notice the birds singing, the stars in the sky, and a gorgeous full moon that lights up the neighborhood.

They get up in the morning, realize they are still breathing, and thank God for another day.

Even when the results aren’t what they were hopeful for, they still find reasons to know how blessed they are.   They still find a way to embrace their day and find something to smile about.

The truth is that there is no denying that circumstances in our life will make some days unbearable.

Life isn’t perfect and it never will be, but it does have perfect moments.

Perfect by the way of just getting up in the morning.

Perfect by the way of preparing your own meal.

Perfect by the way of patting your dog and watching his tail wag with excitement.

Perfect by the way of slowing down to enjoy your family and friends.

Perfect by the way of hugging your children and tucking them in at night.

According to the book, Chasing Daylight, by Eugene O’Kelly:

“A perfect moment is an experience with others when time stands still.   It is a time full of the present, when the past is left behind and the future is set aside.   It is a time of focused attention and heightened awareness.”

This is why I believe that when difficult situations occur, people start living more in the moment.

They focus on what is important to them.

They slow down and see what they are grateful for.

Their eyes are now open to see every blessing that has come their way.


512602HC_FullTerri Trepanier is the owner of Balanced Care Health and Supplemental Insurance and a licensed insurance consultant and broker with Associated Brokers.    Licensed in both Maine and NH,  her specialty is working with small businesses, individuals, and families with their health and life insurance needs.  She is certified to offer health plans both on and off the exchange and is contracted with every health insurance company that offers plans in both New Hampshire and Maine.  Her other passion is assisting Medicare beneficiaries with their Medicare Supplemental, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Advantage plans. Terri has seen firsthand the importance of insurance products and how they help families.  Her goal with Balanced Care is to “Insure Security and Peace of Mind One Family at a Time”











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