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Life Insurance – Like it or not, life insurance is one of the most important insurance products you can have for your family.  If your family’s financial picture would drastically change by the death of a breadwinner, we should sit down to discuss what type of life insurance would best suit your needs.  The same discussion should be taking place if a mother has decided to stay home caring for her children.  Without her there, an added expense would occur.

If you already own life insurance, congratulations on taking the necessary steps to protect your family. At Balanced Care, we partner with over forty different insurance carriers so we are able to make sure that you are getting the right amount of coverage at the best price available.  To help you get started, Balanced Care encourages you to use our life insurance needs estimator tool below:

Balanced Care Health | Insurance Needs EstimatorClick on the image for your personal life insurance needs.









To help you determine what type of life insurance is best for you, we have included a description of the most common types for your convenience.   We also encourage you to call 603-817-3949 for a no obligation consultation to help  you get started today.    

Term Life Insurance – Term life insurance will cover you for a given period of time normally anywhere from between 10 and 30 years. Term insurance will always be the least expensive and will cover costs that are left behind such as mortgage payments, child care cost, or higher education costs. Balanced Care will help you shop for the best in terms of coverage, the length of the term, and the best premium.

Permanent Life Insurance – Permanent life insurance combines a term policy with an investment component. At Balanced Care, we help you to determine if this is the right plan for you and help to find a company that will meet your specific needs.

Index Strategy Life Insurance – This is another permanent life insurance product that provides a safe retirement vehicle that will provide tax free retirement dollars during your retirement years. It can also allow you to borrow money from yourself and pay yourself back instead of the bank.

Final Expense Life Insurance – Anyone who has lost a loved one knows how devastating the loss can be.  The emotional turmoil can be even more complicated if the finances were not in order. The cost of a funeral can add up quickly and finances are the last thing you should be concerned about during a difficult time.  Final expense life insurance plans are smaller plans, normally ranging between $1,000 – $40,000 in death benefit.   The death benefit can be used to pay for funeral costs such as the cost of a casket, flowers, cemetery plot and headstone.  They are much simpler to obtain and is perfect for our senior market.

Disability Insurance – Disability insurance protects you if you get sick or injured and are unable to work.    It is designed to pay you a portion of your income for a specified period of time. Disability rates depend on many factors such as age, occupation, health, and income. The good news is Balanced Care works with several insurance companies and will shop for the best rates for you.


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