Final Expense Life Insurance and Moments

At 1:38 AM on January 16th, 2012, my life changed.    It was another moment in my life.      It was the moment that my sisters and I lost our beautiful Mother.      As I look back over the last several months, I still cannot really believe that she is gone.     With each holiday, every Friday night when I took her out for dinner, and now her birthday approaching this week-end, I want to call her.    I still have her phone number on my cell phone and I can’t bring myself to take it off.    I am still cherishing the moments when I could talk to her.

Awhile ago, my Mother shared with me that she had a small life insurance policy to take care of her final expenses.    Like most people, I didn’t want to talk about it.    If truth be told, I didn’t want to face the reality that she knew was coming.     As I held her hand in her last few days of life, she told me not to worry.    She had taken care of things.

After she passed away, my sisters and I began planning for her funeral.     Because I knew she had this plan, I shared this with my sisters and we looked and found the plan.     It was a final expense life insurance plan.     Simply put, final expense life insurance plans cover just that – your final expenses.     They are inexpensive plans and there is little to no underwriting making every applicant eligible.     My Mother, God bless her, had diabetes, COPD, an artificial valve in her heart, and had suffered a stroke.     Even with all of this, she was eligible.     It didn’t come as any surprise to me when we had her funeral planned, we had exactly what was needed due to her having purchased this final expense life insurance plan.      It was at this moment that I realized why she told me not to worry.    She was still taking care of her daughters even after her death.

I won’t begin to tell you that this wasn’t a difficult and very hard time for our family.      I am still feeling her loss and will for the rest of my life.     What I will tell you is that through all the planning of the funeral, the burial, and now in settling her estate, I have been blessed with a Mother that really wanted to make it as easy for my sisters and I as possible.      I have seen financial hardships both personally and with friends.     She was able to help take away that burden and let us concentrate on cherishing her memory.     She let us concentrate on moments and there were many of them.

As hard as it is to face the death of a loved one, we will all have to face it at some point in our lives.     Balanced Care is here to help take care of your families letting you cherish moments and not financial burdens just as my Mother did for me.     After all, isn’t that what life is all about?



Terri Trepanier is the Owner of Balanced Care and a licensed insurance broker in New Hampshire and Maine. Located in Rochester, NH, she specializes in helping individuals and businesses with their Health, Dental, Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Medicare Supplemental, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Accident, Critical Illness, and Cancer Plans.    Terri knows the importance of insurance products and how they help individuals and families.    She continually strives to give her clients the Peace Of Mind that each of us deserves.     

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