February is National Heart Disease Awareness Month

The month of February is nationally recognized as National Heart Awareness Month to help bring awareness to and provide education on the importance of heart health. The American Heart Association continually provides information on ways to prevent this disease as well as what to do in case of a heart attack, stroke, or cardiac arrest. For me personally, awareness of heart disease has a special place in my heart. My Mother had many heart problems which ultimately took her life and my Father-in-law suffered from heart problems as well as had four strokes in his lifetime.

The American Heart Association reports that every 34 seconds, an American will suffer a heart attack and every 40 seconds, an American will suffer a stroke. Heart Disease and Stroke definitely affected my family and it will also affect four out of five families over the course of a lifetime.

We can all work together to reduce our risk. We can quit smoking, exercise regularly, eat healthier, and maintain a healthy weight. For healthy adults, regular check-ups beginning at age 20 should include blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks, cholesterol screening, and BMI (Body Mass Index) checks. If any of these levels are in an unhealthy range, our risk for heart disease is greater. Even when taking care of ourselves, there are factors we cannot control such as genetics, heredity, or aging.

At Balanced Care, we offer a product known as Critical Solutions for both individuals and companies for their employees. Critical Solutions provides coverage for heart attack, strokes, and cancer. We do this as we know that no matter how hard you work to keep yourself from having a heart attack, you can’t control genetics and heredity. Both my mother and my father-in-law had heart disease in their families and couldn’t control what eventually would happen to them.

Many people will wonder why they need an extra coverage when they are covered by health insurance. The truth is that while health insurance pays for medical expenses, families are still responsible for paying their mortgage, food, and living expenses even if you are out of work for a lengthy period of time.

One of the most powerful features of a critical illness supplemental plan is that it will pay YOU the benefit and you can use it any way you wish. The premium you would pay for a plan such as this is minimal compared to the devastation your finances take after suffering with a critical illness.

Since we are all bringing awareness to heart disease this month, Balanced Care provides no obligation consultations to see how a supplemental plan such as critical solutions can help you or your employees. At Balanced Care, we view ourselves as educators and consultants, not just sales people. Please sign up for a no obligation consultation today, prepare yourself and provide extra protection for your family when you need it the most.

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