Employee Benefits

Now that you have hired the perfect employees, how do you keep them happy?   One of the best ways is to make sure you are offering them a good benefit package.   Because Balanced Care specializes in small groups with 1 to 100 employees, we know that most employers feel they just cannot afford to offer benefits.   While doing without benefits may improve your bottom line for a short time period, it can also lead to unhappy and unproductive employees.   This can only result in disaster for your business.  Although vacation time, sick days, and retirement plans are part of employee benefits, the focus here is on insurance benefits.

One of the most sought after and common benefit is health insurance.   It can also be the most expensive benefit you offer so it’s important to work with an experienced broker to help you with your choices and make sure your employees are getting the most from their plans.   Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, and Short Term Disability Insurance are also benefits that can be offered to your employees and can be offered on a voluntary basis.    This just means that the employee can elect to pay for the plan or not.    As an employer, this helps save on your bottom line while giving your employee the opportunity to get a plan they may need.    It is important to note here that many people may not qualify for a Life Insurance plan on their own so getting a Life Insurance plan through their employer may be their only option for protection.

Other voluntary plans include Accident Plans, Critical Illness, Cancer, and Hospital Indemnity Plans.   Employees can elect to pick as little or as much as they feel they need.    For instance, someone with a family history of cancer may be more inclined to purchase a Cancer plan.   An employee with young children may be more inclined to purchase an accident plan should their child break their arm or leg.

Another benefit that Balanced Care is now offering is Legal Shield.    This helps with Legal Assistance with things such as Will preparation, Health Care Power of Attorney, Document Assistance, Contract Reviews, and Family Matters such as Divorce, Separation, or Adoption.    Legal Shield also has Identity Theft Protection and can help with protecting your identity and restoring it completely should it become stolen.

If you are wondering what benefits you should offer your employees, ask them.    Balanced Care offers assistance in getting to know you and your employees and finding out what they need.    The simple fact is if you offer the right benefits, not only will your employees be happier, but your business will be too.   Give your employees the benefits they value, they’ll miss less work, be less likely to look elsewhere to work, and be more productive.

As a broker in the States of NH and Maine, Balanced Care works for you, not the insurance company.    We meet with you one on one to help meet your goals while being mindful of business budgetary requirements.    Employee benefits are a win for your business and Balanced Care can assist you in setting up a strategy to keep everyone happy and productive for years to come.



Terri Trepanier is the owner of Balanced Care Health and Supplemental Insurance and a licensed broker in Maine and New Hampshire.  Her specialty is working with small businesses, individuals, and families with their health and life insurance needs.  She is certified to offer health plans both on and off the exchange and is contracted with every health insurance company that offers plans in both New Hampshire and Maine.  Her other passion is assisting Medicare beneficiaries with their Medicare Supplemental, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Advantage plans. Terri has seen firsthand the importance of insurance products and how they help families.  Her goal with Balanced Care is to “Insure Security and Peace of Mind One Family at a Time”.



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